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If you have found yourself actively taking part in the essential oils movement you find your self constantly fumbling with tiny sample bottles, prying off orifice reducer inserts with your teeth, knives, fingernails or other unwieldy tools and pressing on roller bottle caps.  Often times this can lead to chipped or broken finger nails often causing more pain then the original symptom you were pulling your essential oils out to treat in the first place. Frustrating!!!

Ready Gadget has developed the Essential Oil Swiss Key that is the size of a credit card and also serves as a multi tool.  The tools design for essential oil bottles makes it ready to pry off the orifice reducer insert and press on roller bottle caps for those tiny sample bottles to the standard 5 and 15 ml essential oil and aromatherapy bottles.

I have used some other essential oil tools in the past.  Some of these tools were made of cheap plastic where one can doubt the length of time that it will last.  Others were simply to small for my fingers to comfortably grasp to do the job.  Ready Gadget thought of all those concerns and addressed them by designing the tool to the size of a credit card and by making it out of stainless steel.

I got the Ready Gadget tool for the idea of opening and closing my essential oil bottles but I find myself using it around the house in so many other ways.  Ready Gadget also designed a cell phone stand, hex head wrenches, bottle opener, can opener, screw drivers, rulers, letter opener, box opener, and peeler.

This purchase was definitely worth it and I plan on giving it as a gift to some of my essential oil family and friends!

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